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Orland Park Traffic Law Attorney

Skilled Orland Park traffic law attorney.

Orland Park traffic law attorney

Skilled Orland Park Traffic Law Attorney

Traffic tickets are a common occurrence for Illinois drivers. Most drivers have received a traffic ticket at one time or another. Unfortunately, if you have three moving violations in a one-year period you are subject to suspension of your driver’s license. It is also likely that your insurance rates will increase. For these reasons, it is often a good idea to fight a traffic ticket in court. An experienced Orland Park traffic law attorney will help you resolve your court case in the most favorable way possible. The skilled attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are available to assist you in taking care of traffic tickets, and other traffic law matters including driver’s license reinstatements.

Common Moving Violations

There are numerous types of driving violations for which tickets are issued. Hundreds of tickets are issued every day to drivers across the state. Some of the most common traffic tickets are:

  • Speeding
  • Red Light Camera Violations
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign
  • Running a Stoplight
  • Driving with Suspended License
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Reckless Driving

Moving violations may range from harmless to very serious in nature. However, no matter the reason for the ticket, it must have been issued properly. If you are stopped for a ticket remember that it is usually best to comply with what the officer says and take the matter to court. If you feel you have been wrongly ticketed your Orland Park traffic law attorney will help you prove your case in court.

Don’t Pay It – Fight It!

If you have received a traffic ticket you must decide what to do next. You may choose to pay the ticket by sending a check within the allotted time period. It is important to note that by doing so you are essentially in agreement that you are guilty of the offense. Another option is to contest the ticket by requesting a court hearing. The court hearing will allow you to present your case where a determination will be made. The results of a court hearing are almost always better when the driver utilizes a qualified Orland Park traffic law attorney.

Get Your Ticket Dismissed

A skilled Orland Park traffic law attorney works hard to accomplish several things. First, the ticket may be able to be dismissed. If the ticket was not issued properly or if there is not enough evidence in the case, the ticket may be discharged with no further action. Your attorney will also work to get the charges and fines reduced. You do not want to have a ticket on your record. Regardless of the type of ticket, your lawyer will investigate the entire situation to recommend the best course of action.

Court Hearing

Going to court for a traffic ticket can be a good way to keep the ticket from negatively impacting your driving record and insurance rates. If you are found not guilty, the ticket will be resolved without further action and will not appear on your record. An Orland Park traffic law attorney will review your ticket and defend your case in court. All aspects of the ticket will be analyzed so a proper defense will be presented.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Many times a ticket can be resolved in court to your advantage. If you receive a moving violation it may be in your best interest to take the matter to court. When you have already received two tickets within a one year period, you will certainly want to fight the ticket because three tickets could mean a license suspension. Even if this is your first ticket, you may want to go to court to protect yourself should you receive another ticket or two in the near future. Representation by a skilled Orland Park traffic law attorney will help you defend against your traffic ticket.

Help From an Experienced Orland Park Traffic Law Attorney

Don’t let traffic tickets haunt you! Take action with the help of a successful Orland Park traffic law attorney. Call Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. today to get the help you need to resolve your traffic ticket. We know the laws and are dedicated to helping our clients get the best resolution to their tickets in court. We take pride in providing high quality, caring service to our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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