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Orland Park Divorce Attorney

Experienced Orland Park divorce attorney.

Orland Park divorce attorney

Experienced Orland Park Divorce Attorney

When couples decide to divorce, it can be a very stressful and emotional time for the family. There are many issues to resolve and decisions to be made. While a divorce may be a difficult decision, it is often the best solution. Once you decide to move forward with a divorce you will need help from an Orland Park divorce attorney. The experienced family law attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are skilled at every aspect of the divorce process and will begin by answering all of your questions. Your Orland Park divorce attorney will guide you through the divorce proceedings, helping you every step of the way.

Divorce in Illinois

Divorce in Illinois is also known as dissolution of marriage. A divorce may be contested or uncontested. A contested divorce is one in which one party does not agree either to the divorce or to the terms of settlement. An uncontested divorce is one that both parties agree to, therefore making the situation easier. An Orland Park divorce attorney will meet with you to answer your questions and assist you with the divorce process from start to finish, ensuring that your best interests are protected.

Filing for Divorce

The first step towards divorce is to file a petition with the court. The court presides over the entire divorce proceedings including preliminary hearings, custody hearings, contested cases, and support. These items are all brought before a family judge, who will make the final decisions regarding your divorce. Regardless of how complicated your situation may be, a knowledgeable Orland Park divorce attorney knows how to handle it and works to make the situation as easy and stress-free as possible.

Grounds for Divorce

Illinois allows couples to file for divorce utilizing the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Your Orland Park divorce attorney will explain that this means that parties are unable to continue to live together and are unable to resolve their differences. This is the most common grounds for divorce, because it does not place blame on either party. However, there are still other grounds for divorce that may be utilized. For example, adultery, abandonment, and criminal guilt may be potentially used for divorce. Whatever your situation, you will be able to make the best decision once you speak with a qualified Orland Park divorce attorney. It is best to consult with an Orland Park divorce attorney as soon as possible once you have made the decision to divorce.

Divorce Settlement Terms

There are many issues that must be resolved in a divorce. These are commonly referred to as the divorce settlement terms. The most common terms include:

Couples must try to come to an agreement with the major terms of the divorce. The most common problems arise regarding child custody and finances. Couples with children and those with a high net worth will likely face a more complex divorce. The process can be effectively streamlined with the help of a skilled Orland Park divorce attorney. Your Orland Park divorce attorney understands the problems and their current and future impact on you and your family.

Distribution of Assets and Debts

In Illinois, property and other assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital property and must be distributed equitably between partners in a divorce. As your Orland Park divorce attorney will inform you, this can become complex, especially when the couple has accumulated a large number of assets or have been married for a long time. Couples who own their homes will need to make a determination as to how to handle this property. One person may buy out the other or the couple may choose to sell the home and divide the profits. Many of the difficult financial choices should be made with help from a reliable Orland Park divorce attorney. Your Orland Park divorce attorney will help move the procedure along with as little friction as possible.

Child Custody Issues

Decisions regarding child custody and care are often some of the most emotionally difficult aspects of a divorce. It is essential to hire an Orland Park divorce attorney with experience handling theses sensitive matters. Today, many parents share custody. There are two parts of custody to consider including legal and physical custody. Legal custody gives a parent the ability to make vital decisions for the children such as those relating to education, health, and general welfare. Physical custody means the location where the children will reside. Both parents often share legal custody while one parent may be the primary caregiver. Generally, the non-residential parent will be responsible for the payment of child support. A knowledgeable Orland Park divorce attorney will help you make important decisions that will have a lasting impact on your family as you move forward. Remember that the court will make sure that all concerns regarding the children are handled in the child’s best interest.

Resolving Disputes

Disagreements are not uncommon during divorce proceedings. Emotions may run high and as the settlement terms are discussed, the situation may become acrimonious. When disputes do arise, it is best to work them out as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished with the help of a professional Orland Park divorce attorney. An experienced Orland Park divorce attorney is skilled in negotiations and will work to get the situation resolved while protecting your best interests. Working out your differences quickly will not only be less stressful, but will also likely be less costly. Your Orland Park divorce attorney will always represent you and protect your interests throughout the process. Some compromises may need to be made, however, your Orland Park divorce attorney will make sure that the important concerns are resolved according to your wishes.

Choose an Experienced Orland Park Divorce Attorney

Our highly respected Orland Park divorce attorneys are very experienced in the divorce process. We practice in family law and divorce, and have been providing high quality legal services for more than 35 years. We understand the emotional nature of divorce and use both litigation and negotiation to resolve matters quickly and painlessly. Our compassionate Orland Park divorce attorneys are on your side and will always provide you with the best options available so you will be able to make the best decisions for you and your family. Contact the legal team at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. to schedule an appointment with an Orland Park divorce attorney.

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