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Orland Park Domestic Partnership Lawyer

Skilled Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer.

Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer

Skilled Orland Park Domestic Partnership Lawyer

Today’s families are diverse and made up of many types of couples. While the laws for non-traditional couples are changing, they do not always allow for the same protections as same-sex couples who are married. Non-traditional couples will better understand how to protect themselves by speaking to a knowledgeable Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer. There are many things that must be taken into consideration in order to best provide for you and your family. The compassionate attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. understand the current laws and will assist you in making the best decisions for your family both now and for the future.

Domestic Partnership Concerns

Unfortunately, the laws that protect traditional partners do not necessarily apply to those in a non-traditional relationship. Those who are not married or are in a same-sex relationship need to take extra steps to protect themselves and their families. Some of the most common concerns include:

If you are in a non-traditional relationship it is best to learn how to handle your many concerns by consulting with an Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer. Your attorney will discuss your specific concerns to develop a plan that will provide the protection you need.

Domestic Partnerships Agreements

Couples who live together without being married or same sex couples may want to ensure that they protect themselves should the relationship come to an end. Divorce laws do not apply to those who are not married. A domestic partnership agreement may be the best solution for unmarried couples. It offers protection to both parties should the relationship end. It also allows special consideration that is not automatically provided unless a couple is legally married. Before you move in together, talk to an Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer to provide an agreement that provides security should the relationship dissolve.

Domestic Partnerships and Estate Planning

Those who are married are afforded some important benefits under the law. Illinois laws do not provide for benefits to unmarried couples should one partner die. The property and assets will not automatically be distributed to your partner unless you take specific care in planning your estate. For this reason, it is best to consider your will, trust, and power of attorney with care. An Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer understands the law and will take the steps needed to provide documents that will fulfill your wishes.

Domestic Partnership and Parenting

Unmarried couples and those in non-traditional relationships often want to include children in their families. Parenting for domestic partners can be more complex because of the lack of laws pertaining to this situation. An experienced Orland Park domestic partnership lawyer knows the current laws and understands your concerns. Your attorney will work with you to determine your needs and guide you to the solutions that are best in your circumstances. All families should be sure that their children are properly protected in case one partner dies or if the couple split up.

Choosing an Orland Park Domestic Partnership Lawyer

Non-traditional couples do not have the same legal protections as others do. Every relationship is different and has a unique set of concerns that should be addressed. Whether you are in a same-sex relationship, are an unmarried couple, or are living together, you will benefit from legal advice to guide you and protect you in your situation. Because the laws are not currently in place that will cover your concerns you need to put the proper legal documents in place to do so. The skilled family law attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are concerned with helping their clients as they face these issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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