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Our focus is in multiple practice areas of the law.

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Divorce Attorney

The decision to get a divorce is not an easy one. However, once you have decided to dissolve your marriage, you must seek representation from an experienced divorce attorney. We are a leading firm focussing in divorce. Our divorce attorneys are here to offer support, answer your questions, and provide guidance during this stressful time. Learn more…

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Family Law Attorney

Your family is the single most important thing in your life. Decisions and options that involve the family have long-term effects. It is helpful to have assistance from a compassionate family law attorney when you are facing difficult situations. The attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are experienced in all matters pertaining to family law. Learn more…

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Money, debt, and financial problems can happen to everyone. When these types of troubles occur, you may feel as though you have no options and this can cause you a lot of stress. Regardless of the financial situation, there are many options open to you. The first step is to discuss your finances with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Learn more…

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Estate Planning Lawyer

Your estate is simply all of your assets, possessions, and property. Everyone has an estate, regardless of its size. An estate planning lawyer is available to assist you in making sure that your desires and goals are met with the necessary legal documents. We offer the professional expertise that you need to put together a plan for your estate. Learn more…

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you know that the situation is serious and requires immediate attention. Being arrested can be a stressful experience, but you can get the help you need from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The criminal defense lawyers at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are experienced in handling all types of criminal matters. Learn more…

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Traffic Lawyer

In addition to being annoying, traffic tickets can have negative impact on your life and finances. For example, if you receive more than three moving violations in a one year period, your driver’s license is subject to suspension. As such, in many cases, it is best to fight the traffic ticket with the help from a traffic lawyer rather than simply pay the fine. Learn more…

Chicago Law Office

Providing competent legal services to the citizens of Cook County, Illinois.

Chicago divorce lawyer

Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is a highly stressful situation for most people. There are many decisions to be made and the choices you make today will have a long-term impact on you and your family. When you have decided to divorce it is best to seek help from a reputable Chicago divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Your Chicago divorce lawyer will discuss the details of your case, answer your questions, and guide you through divorce from start to finish. The Chicago divorce lawyers at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. have many years of experience in all family law matters and help our clients resolve their divorces with as little stress as possible. Learn more…

Chicago DUI attorney

Chicago DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (“DUI”), you are facing a severe charge. Illinois takes impaired driving very seriously and therefore the consequences for a conviction are harsh. When you are charged with DUI it is necessary to seek immediate help from a reputable Chicago DUI attorney as soon as possible. The experienced Chicago DUI attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are here to provide the help and guidance you need during this difficult and stressful time. Learn more…

Chicago bankruptcy lawyer

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial difficulties can be stressful and may negatively impact every aspect of your life. However, there is a way to handle your money issues – you can file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows you to rid yourself of debt so you can begin to move forward without money stress. If you are interested in learning more about the criteria you should speak with a qualified Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. An experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer knows bankruptcy law and will examine your financial situation to help you determine how to proceed. Learn more…


I am writing to thank you for the professionalism, diligence and preparation which you displayed at the recent deposition. I am grateful to have you as counsel and am most fortunate. I don’t know what I would do without your guidance. Once again, thanks.


Former Client

Joliet Law Office

Providing competent legal services to the citizens of Will County, Illinois.

Joliet divorce attorney

Joliet Divorce Attorney

Divorce is one of the most difficult and stressful times of life. Nobody wants to go through a divorce, but when it happens, there are many decisions that must be made. The decision to move forward requires first working through the many emotional and financial choices that will have an impact on you and your family for years to come. The path will be easier with guidance from an experienced Joliet divorce attorney. The family law attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. have years of experience working specifically with divorce cases and can provide you with the best possible representation. Learn more…

Joliet bankruptcy attorney

Joliet Bankruptcy Attorney

When you have financial difficulties it can take a toll on every aspect of your life. Sometimes you may not think you will ever be able to get out from under your debt. However, there is hope! Bankruptcy is an option that will bring you an almost immediate relief to your problems and help you begin anew. While bankruptcy can help many people, there are many decisions that need to be made regarding it. In order to make the best bankruptcy choices, it is advisable to seek guidance from a qualified Joliet bankruptcy attorney. Your Joliet bankruptcy attorney understands the options available and will assist in determining how to move forward. Learn more…

Joliet DUI lawyer

Joliet DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence, also known as “DUI”, is a serious charge, and one that could have a negative impact on your life for years to come. When you have been charged with DUI it is imperative that you get legal help from a skilled Joliet DUI lawyer. A knowledgeable Joliet DUI lawyer knows how to handle these types of cases, which can turn out to be rather complex. The legal team at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. has the experience in traffic law matters necessary to properly defend DUI cases and get the outcome you want. Learn more…


I wanted to thank you for all you do. It’s the little things that you do that really make such a huge difference. Through all of this, you have not only been a great lawyer, but a tremendous friend.


Former Client

Orland Park Law Office

Providing competent legal services to the citizens of Cook County, Illinois.

Orland Park divorce attorney

Orland Park Divorce Attorney

When couples decide to divorce, it can be a very stressful and emotional time for the family. There are many issues to resolve and decisions to be made. While a divorce may be a difficult decision, it is often the best solution. Once you decide to move forward with a divorce you will need help from an Orland Park divorce attorney. The experienced family law attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. are skilled at every aspect of the divorce process and will begin by answering all of your questions. Learn more…

Orland Park DUI lawyer

Orland Park DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense, and one that comes with harsh penalties. If convicted of a DUI charge you may be facing fines, license suspension, community service, and even jail time. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI it is necessary to seek help as soon as possible from an Orland Park DUI lawyer with expertise in handling DUI cases. You can fight a DUI charge successfully with the help of an experienced Orland Park DUI lawyer. Learn more…

Orland Park bankruptcy attorney

Orland Park Bankruptcy Attorney

Financial difficulties can cause stress and make life difficult for you and your family. If you are behind on bills, have outstanding payments that you cannot make, or are struggling with a potential foreclosure, take action today. Let our trained Orland Park bankruptcy attorneys assist you in resolving your money problems for good. Learn more…


I would like to thank you so much for the services and help you have given me in the past year and a half. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you.


Former Client

Homewood Law Office

Providing competent legal services to the citizens of Cook County, Illinois.

Homewood divorce lawyer

Homewood Divorce Lawyer

The decision to divorce can be a difficult one. Couples face many issues that must be resolved in order to dissolve the marriage. When a couple decides to get divorced they may not know where to turn or what to expect. If you are divorcing the first step is to consult with an experienced Homewood divorce lawyer. Your lawyer will answer all of your questions and will guide you through the process every step of the way. Consult with the trusted family law attorneys at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. to provide you with the legal help you need during this complicated time. Learn more…

Homewood bankruptcy lawyer

Homewood Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial problems can be stressful and can consume your life. While you may feel as though there is no way out, you may be able to consider filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is easier than ever before. What is more, there are some situations that will allow you to keep many of your possessions including your home and vehicle. There are many advantages to bankruptcy that you will want to discuss with a qualified Homewood bankruptcy lawyer. Learn more…

Homewood DUI attorney

Homewood DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence (“DUI”) is a serious charge that can have a lasting impact on all aspects of your life. If you have been charged with DUI it is advisable to get help from a reputable Homewood DUI attorney. The skilled traffic lawyers at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. will guide you through the legal process and defend your case in court. Because of the serious nature of these charges it is best to fight them with legal help. There are many strategies that may be implemented to defend these charges. Learn more…

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Homewood Law Office

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Homewood Law Office

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