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We have successfully defended one of our clients against an imputed income claim made against him by his former wife. In a divorce proceeding, our client’s former wife alleged that our client was underreporting his income and that he was receiving undisclosed income from an alleged business. As such, she was seeking to have this alleged income added to his gross income for maintenance calculation purposes, which would have substantially increased his maintenance obligation. Her allegations prevented settlement and caused the matter to go to trial.

At trial, our attorneys successfully presented evidence to the court as to our client’s proper income and defended against his former wife’s improper allegations and evidence of an alleged business and undisclosed income therefrom. Because of the successful defense at trial, and other evidence offered and argument made, the court did not impute income to our client for maintenance calculation purposes. As a result, our client’s maintenance obligation is substantially lower than it would have been had income been imputed to him.

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