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Homewood Paternity Attorney

Skilled Homewood paternity attorney.

Homewood paternity attorney

Skilled Homewood Paternity Attorney

Regardless of how you decide to raise your family, one thing is for certain, it takes two people to conceive a child. Both parents are supposed to take care of their children and provide for them until they reach maturity. Sometimes, however, paternity may be a concern. Whether a man needs to protect his parental rights, establish paternity, or prove that he is not the father, a Homewood paternity attorney is needed. The legal team at Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. practices in family law, including paternity issues. The laws regarding paternity are complex, and a Homewood paternity attorney will help protect your rights under the law.

What is Paternity?

Illinois law defines paternity according to a number of factors. Establishing who the father of a child is will help to establish visitation rights, and resolve child custody and child support issues. As a general rule, a man is presumed to be the father of a child under the following circumstances:

  • The man is legally married to the mother during the child’s conception or birth.
  • The birth mother married the man after the birth of the child, and the man consented to list his name as the father on the birth certificate.
  • Both parents sign a paternity acknowledgement.

It is helpful to speak with a Homewood paternity attorney as soon as possible if you are in need of establishing paternity rights. Your lawyer will review your unique situation and provide you with the details necessary to proceed with paternity resolution.

Proving Paternity

In order to establish paternity, it must be proven legally. In Illinois, proof is necessary in order to determine fatherhood. A signed court order must be filed confirming voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. But it isn’t always easy to establish paternity, and for this reason it is helpful to seek guidance from an experienced Homewood paternity attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer knows the current laws regarding paternity, and knows how to litigate paternity issues in a court of law. In order to provide positive proof that you are the biological parent, a DNA test may be necessary. This test is easy to do, but must be accomplished in accordance with the legal requirements.

Paternity Disputes

Disagreements may arise regarding a child’s paternity. Whether you are a father seeking parental rights, or are disputing such claims, it is necessary to get help from a qualified Homewood paternity attorney. A skilled lawyer will provide options for resolution and will protect your rights in court. Sometimes negotiation and litigation are required to achieve the best results, as the legal system is designed to protect children, and provide families with solutions that are in their best interest.

Resolving Paternity Issues

Paternity comes with responsibilities. Parents must support their children and generally are allowed visitation rights. If you are involved in a dispute regarding these types of problems, you can more easily resolve them with the help of a qualified Homewood paternity attorney. Proof of paternity, or proving that you are not the biological father of a child, is a serious situation that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. A legal order through the courts will be made based on the facts of the case.

Choose an Experienced Homewood Paternity Attorney

When it comes to important family situations such as paternity, it helps to choose an attorney with the experience to handle them. At Johnson & Johnson, Ltd. we offer dependable counsel for paternity cases as well as other family law cases. Our lawyers have years of experience working with Illinois paternity, child custody, and support matters. Our law firm is dedicated to providing you with the best possible legal representation to achieve the results you want. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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